Do you watch pulsar stuntmania 2009?

Is yes then you must be having a question who will win the pulsar stuntmania 2009,
Actually who won the pulsar stuntmania 2009,
Who won stuntmania 2009, who won mtv stuntmania 2009.
Who will become the baap of biking in India for 2009.
The final is set now between “javed” and “Handa”.
These two have a head to head Competition till now. “Javed” the most talented and stunt master in the whole group and season and “handa “the small stunt king with straight and short words. These two are representing for two teams in the reality show.
After the semi final episode where the “adil “one of the best stunt person finally was eliminated in the level 5 stunts where stunters need to ride and jump from a flying chopper in the 47 degree hot tempeture in a sand world. Where adil was eliminated.
On the 20th of agust will know who will become the baap of biking in India .
Between javed and handa.

The winner will be crowned “BAAP of BIKING “and will get a modified pulsar 220 Dts-I chrome. Which are the only and one bike in the world. This will be handed to the winner.
Personally I am great fan of JAVAD and want him to win but I am impressed by HANDA too because of his ability .hope the best win this crown “BAAP OF BIKING
Please comment who you think will win the Pulsar Stunt Mania 2009..

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